Global Leadership Assessment



An online 360-degree multi-rater assessment that provides leaders with a summary of how they score in five (5) stages and ten (10) behaviors, giving them insight into their strengths as well as developmental opportunities.


Global Leadership Assessment is set apart from other assessment tools on the market.

  • It focuses on behaviors that are important when leading in a global context
  • Rather than focusing on general intercultural competency, Global Leadership Assessment focuses on what is needed for effective global leadership
  • It does not focus on static characteristics or traits, which are difficult to alter, but rather on dynamic leadership behaviors that are more readily cultivated through individual learning, training, coaching, and personal experience.


One Assessment Tool, Multiple Applications

Global Leadership Assessment can be applied in a variety of settings:

  • Individually as a coaching tool
  • In a module as part of a development program curriculum for a group of leaders
  • In a group of leaders with the purpose of identifying developmental needs at the organizational level


The SCOPE Model

The utilized model examines ten Behaviors that Define Great Global Leaders (based on research from “What is Global Leadership”). Global Leadership Assessment evaluates five (5) stages of global leadership development and specifically related behaviors.


Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis

By incorporating both qualitative and quantitative data, Global Leadership Assessment provides a detailed report that highlights:

  • The areas of global leadership behaviors that are should be prioritized for action
  • Opportunities to develop Strengths, both expected and unexpected
  • Anonymous written comments from colleagues
  • The ability to assess changes over time with a re-survey feature
  • A tool and underlying SCOPE model framework that provides an excellent resource for executive coaching and custom global leadership development programs.


Leaders Who Leverage Global Leadership Assessment will benefit from:

  • Insight into strengths and priority areas for improvement as a global leader
  • Identifying significant gaps between their responses and those of the colleagues who have assessed them
  • Actionable advice to improve their global leadership skills


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