Growing is not an Option



As schoolchildren, our learning was structured. We studied a prearranged curriculum in each grade level and demonstrated our knowledge on exams. Yet eventually we finished our education, and the tests stopped. We no longer had reading assignments or homework problems. Instead of being part of an imposed daily routine, personal growth became our responsibility.


Many people never take up the duty of developing themselves. Instead of working to get better, they merely get by. If you want to be the person you were created to be, then you must do more than just experience life and hope you’ll pick up some lessons along the way. You must go out and seize opportunities to grow because your future depends upon it.

This program will help you:

  • Clarify and strengthen your sense of purpose.
  • Understand how personal growth really works.
  • Shape an intentional growth program for your personal development.
  • Become a more effective and fulfilled individual and leader.
  • Experience more success in every area of your life.

Whether you’re just starting your business, a family, a career or nearing the end of it, this program articulates truths you can apply immediately to make the most of your time, talents, and influence to lead others and generate results.



Intentional personal growth is the only vehicle that can help individuals achieve their full potential. In order to get where you want to go in life, personal development cannot be ignored, postponed, or taken for granted.

If you want to increase your level of effectiveness and sense of fulfillment in every area of your life, personal growth is not an option.

Become the person you are destined to be!

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