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Life Coaching


How can you live a fulfilling and balanced life? How can you reach your personal and professional goals?

It’s not a secret that life today is leading us to the edge on a daily basis by constantly taking us out of course and away from our important goals. Having a perfect balance among our different life activities such as job, family, career, health, personal growth, friends, finances, fun & recreation, significant other, spiritual, etc., is one of our biggest challenges.

  • Life Coaching is a direct and powerful approach that allows you to connect your passion to the wheel of life’s daily activities and transform your days into an intentional and significant action plan.
  • Life Coaching helps you develop interpersonal effectiveness, have a better approach to problems, improve productivity, balance life, work, and personal growth by increasing your creativity and focusing on the attainment of relevant goals.
  • Life Coaching is a straightforward and effective approach to help you live a life of purpose and significance.

Life Coaching is a personalized coaching program, designed for individuals who would like to address specific personal projects, transitions, or goals. This is a unique custom-designed plan fitted to your purpose, vision and currently working and living conditions.


“After many emotional and work difficulties I have changed habits, I have accepted mistakes and I continue to resume my work project. Participating in this program gave me the clarity, the capacity, and the strength to continue all my projects of life.”   Camilo Cortéz – Universidad Autónoma – Manizalez, Colombia
How does Life Coaching works?
  • Start with a scheduled complimentary coaching consultation.
  • Then we will set up a 45 to 60 minutes 1:1 call to design the alliance and terms.
  • Based on the selected programs, terms and schedule, we will set up a weekly o biweekly 55 to 90 minute 1:1 call.
  • Unlimited email/text support.

The programs range from six (6) to twelve (12) months or more in duration and may involve this component:

Partners in Commitment and Results: A mentorship custom-designed program to help you stay committed every day with your personal growth, and maintain your focus and be accountable for the selected goals. This program has the same length as your Life Coaching program. Forms and material included.


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